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For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions at Mansfield Pediatrics.

Q: When does my newborn need to be seen for the first time?
A: Mansfield Pediatrics will see new moms for a visit before your bundle of joy is born and answer all of your questions. If you are an existing/new patient (family), call at the time of discharge from the hospital and we will get your newborn into the office in the next 3-5 days.

Q: How early can I call if my child is sick and needs to be seen?
A: We begin answering phones for sick appointments at 7:30 AM.  We attempt to accommodate sick patients on the day of calling but calling early allows for increased flexibility.  

Q: Can I call at 7:30 AM to schedule a well-child visit?
A: Our phones turn over at 7:30 am but for routine scheduling for physicals and other non-urgent reasons we prefer you call between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We receive a large volume of calls, so please keep your call as brief as possible.

Q: What do I do if my child is sick after office hours?
A: Call 817-453-7770 to be connected to the Childrens Health Nurse  Advice Line to speak to a nurse. If the doctor needs to be contacted, the nurse will do so.


Q: Do you have walk-in appointments?
A: We see patients by appointment only. If your child is acutely ill or injured, contact our office. We can determine if we can provide appropriate care in our office or whether you may need to go to an urgent care center or emergency room.

Q: What if I need to cancel my child’s appointment?
A: If you must cancel, please do so at least two hours in advance.

Q: Are we offering telemedicine appointments?
A: If you are uncomfortable coming into the office, then ask about a telemedicine appointment. Visits through are available for most appointment types.
Please do your best for all telemedicine appointments to take a weight and temperature before you log on.  Height, weight and blood pressure are needed for ADHD follow ups if possible. If the appointment is a rash, swollen eye, bug bite, etc: it is very helpful if a picture of the problem is sent in mychart to the doctor for review prior to the telemedicine appointment.

Q: What if I’m running late?
A: If you are late, please call the office but realize we may need to reschedule your visit because it affects the timeliness of other appointments.

Q: What if my child has more than one issue at their appointment?
A: Your child’s most significant problem will be addressed. Secondary problems may require another visit to keep our office working on schedule.  

Q: What if my child has a well visit but is also in need of a sick visit today?
A: Depending on the severity of the illness, our providers may change the well visit to a sick visit only and you may be asked to return for your child’s well visit.  It is the providers discretion if a sick and well visit can be done together and we reserve the right to bill the visits to your insurance company separately-a well and a sick on the same day.

Q: Will you complete my child’s sports physical forms?
A: If your child has had a physical in our office in the last year, we can complete the forms. Please complete the parent section of the forms then upload through your MyChart, or drop them off and we will have them for you in 24-48 hours.

Q: Can we make an office appointment from MyChart or Facebook?
A: You are now able to make a sick visit appointment online through MyChart for a few appointment time slots only. You must still call the office for well-checks or ADHD visits. As for Facebook, there is a link, but we do not respond to that option.

Q: What happens when I turn 18+?
A: Mansfield Pediatrics will continue to see patients until they head off to college. 18 year old patients should plan to establish care with an adult physician following graduation from high school. Once you turn 18, your parents’ access to MyChart will stop and you will need to create a new MyChart Account for yourself. After that, you will be the only one with access to your MyChart and your records for your future primary care provider.

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